2008 Founder’s Award Recipient

Dale Levins in 19XX, doing xxx, is the winner of the 2008 McGuire Bearing Company Founder's Award.
Dale Levins helps a customer get the right sprocket. (Picture taken in the 1970's)

The Founder’s Award was initiated in 1999 and is given anually to the employee who best exemplifies what Don McGuire (our founder) demanded of himself and expected from his employees.

The 2008 winner is Dale Levins.

Dale started working for McGuire Bearing in 1969 as a driver for our Portland Branch when it was located in NW Portland. Dale worked his way up to the order desk and became one of our best inside sales people. Dale was with us when we moved from NW Portland to our current SE Portland location in September 1974.

In 1979, Dale moved to Spokane, Washington to open our new branch as our Branch Manager. Dale was also the head of our Strategic Sourcing Team and Computer Pricing Team. Dale remained working for McGuire until his death in November of 2008. In his years of service to McGuire Bearing and his customers, Dale set a standard of performance which will always be remembered and will serve as a goal for present and future employees to attain.

Previous Founder’s Award Winners

1999 Bill Plesko
2000 Dan Bonner
2001 Gordon Taylor
2002 Mike Johnson
2003 Kevin Gordon
2004 Deanna Gelke
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2007 Robert Hecker

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