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2012 Founder’s Award Winner

Ian Fagan

Ian Fagan started with McGuire Bearing in August 2003 as a Delivery Driver.  He moved into the warehouse in the fall of 2004. He moved to Inside Sales in the spring of 2006. He has developed into manager Mike Johnson’s right hand man and takes care of some of Eugene’s biggest accounts. He has handled inventory control and is also a huge support for our Salesman Robert Hecker in California.

What people who nominated him had to say:

“He works hard to make sure customers are happy. He also has a great attitude towards customers and employees.”

“Not only has Ian become very knowledgeable about our products and system, but his involvement in major accounts is critical. His commitment to taking care of his customers is tremendous – HE GETS IT!”

“Ian is always available to help people with problems.  He takes on a lot of responsibilities. He helps this company strive by keeping excellent relationships with customers.”

“Incredible team player. (He) does what needs to be done no matter the circumstances.  Great asset to Eugene.”

“He’s always willing to help with anything: computers, P.O.S., etc. He has the right answers for everyone – not matter what their job is.  Great to work with.”

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