AXIS Precision Spindle Bearings

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Tight Tolerances

Machine Tool spindles are demanding applications. Spindle bearings must accommodate high speeds and withstand radial torque loads inherent in these applications. Tight tolerances are important because any wobble in the spindle will affect the smoothness of the cut.

ABEC 7 Standards

Back to Back - click on image to enlarge
Back to Back - click on image to enlarge

AXIS precision spindle bearings are manufactured under stringent processes with continual quality inspections. Each bearing is produced to ABEC 7 tolerances, and comes standard with a 15° contact angle for handling high radial loads and the proper light preload needed to maximize the speed capacity of the spindle.

Universally Flush Ground

All AXIS spindle bearings are universally flush ground to allow optional mounting in typical spindle pairings:

Face to Face - click on image to enlarge
Face to Face - click on image to enlarge
Back to Back (DB or O) is the most common mounting. In this configuration, inner rings are relieved, and then clamped together, eliminating relief clearance. This results in the correct preload. The DB pair has great angular rigidity and is well suited for applications where it is necessary to restrict misalignment or shaft deflection.

Face to Face (DF or X) provides preloading in which the bearing pair withstands both axial and radial loading. This configuration allows for a small amount of misalignment.

Tandem (DT ) is used to carry extremely high thrust loads, however, it does not allow forces in both directions, unless another pair of bearings are used on the spindle shaft, facing in the opposite direction.

Tandem - click on image to enlarge
Tandem - click on image to enlarge

Forged Steel Raceways

AXIS raceways are produced from forged steel rings to ensure superior grain structure, which results in extended bearing life in the most severe and demanding applications.

AXIS raceways go through an extended honing process to ensure quiet operation.

Built for High Speeds

AXIS uses lightweight phenolic retainers to reduce centrifugal forces, allowing higher speeds. They also soak up oil and provide continuous lubrication.

Knowledgeable customers are standardizing on Axis.

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