We Save You Money.

We’re Different.
A difference that helps you weather these tough times.

Tough economic times can result in changed priorities.

Many once-thriving companies now find themselves in “survival mode”. In times like these, it becomes all the more important to thoroughly examine every cost-cutting measure. We invite you to take a look at the savings we offer over the big East Coast chain stores. A different business model makes us the sensible alternative.

Superior ProductsSuperior Products

Our first priority in global sourcing is product quality. Our engineers look for features that will enhance performance. They also audit the factories with which we do business. We choose products with superior features so they will last longer. You save money on product, maintenance and downtime costs. It is our unique business model that enables us to provide superior products and still save you money.

Large InventoryLarge Inventories

Because our lead times from overseas suppliers tend to be longer, we have always been forced to carry larger inventory levels.  It’s a natural consequence of the way we have chosen to do business, but it is a benefit to our customers.  If you’re tired of paying for expedited shipping every time you need something in a hurry, check out our inventory.

Technical SupportTechnical Support

We have engineers on staff with experience in root cause failure analysis and design assistance, among other things.  We provide predictive monitoring together with balancing and alignment services that maximize your uptime.

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