Our innovative, customer-focused solution leads to a reduction in design change lead time and inventory carrying costs.

A special order part drives costs up, extends lead time, and delays design changes.

This customer faced an issue with extensive lead time caused by a special order bearing that was the heart of their equipment. The 500 day lead time resulted in high inventory carrying costs as the customer was forced to carry nearly two years of inventory. It also caused serious issues with design changes. The bearing also required a special tool for maintenance or replacement which was inconvenient for the customer as they had to spend time and money manufacturing it.

Partnering with us led to improved equipment operation, reduced cost, and significantly lower lead time.

McGuire’s engineers worked with the customer to design a bearing that was a direct drop-in dimensionally for the current bearing which meant no changes were necessary to existing machines. The design of a specialized adapter sleeve eliminated the need to manufacture an entire tool. By taking the time to listen to the customer’s other frustrations with the bearing, we addressed issues outside of the long lead time. We addressed all issues with assembling and servicing the machine. Bearings now require less torque at startup, run cooler, are easier to install, and last twice as long in operation.

The results of collaboration: a more versatile design, elimination of specialized tools, direct dimensional drop-in, and better operating characteristics.

The reduction in lead time will significantly reduce inventory costs, as well as make the next design change easier to manage, minimizing delays.

Why it worked


Commitment to customer satisfaction

McGuire’s engineers listened to the customer’s frustrations and sought a solution that addressed all of them, from the largest pain points to more minor frustrations.


Innovative engineering

Our engineers worked with the customer to design a special adapter sleeve that eliminated the need to manufacture and supply a special tool. This company’s customers can now use a standard spanner wrench found in any toolbox.


Obsession with quality

Partnering with the customer, our engineers designed a sleeve and nut washer that holds the bearings in place under severe vibration, runs cooler than the previous part, and has a lower startup torque. In addition, we developed customized assembly and service instructions for easier installation. The result? Easier mounting, greatly improved equipment operation, and lead time reduced by more than a year.

The results?

Unburdened from non-negotiable inventory levels and a proprietary installation tool, the manufacturer was better able to implement design changes that highlighted the improved operating characteristics and ease-of-installation of their new bearing. Curious if we can achieve similar results for you?

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