Our collaborative solution leads to greatly increased part life, decreased system downtime, and significant savings over five years.

Inadequate lifespan of conveyor belts led to unplanned downtime, lost production and money.

This partner of McGuire produces wood – and a lot of it. Dealing with a conveyor belt with a limited and unpredictable lifespan was frustrating. It was not uncommon to have multiple belts require replacement, causing unplanned downtime. And unplanned downtime meant lost production and money.

Collaborative problem-solving and a demand for higher quality resulted in greatly increased part life and significant savings.

Realizing quickly that the current belt was not serving our partner’s needs, McGuire engineers sought alternative solutions. We used our network of proven manufacturers and factories to ensure a quality replacement. Our engineers were an integral part of the solution process, which ended with a new product specifically designed for this application. The result? Belt lifespans increased significantly, allowing for scheduled maintenance. The wood producer sees this belt as a problem solver as they realize savings of production time and money.

Our innovative engineering solutions and commitment to quality led to savings of $1 million in belting and installation costs over five years plus cutting downtime costs.

Why it worked


Commitment to quality

We sent samples of the current belt to a high-quality manufacturer, detailing issues with longevity and communicating the customer’s goals. Continued collaboration during research and development led to the development of a part specifically designed to meet their needs.


Collaboration and cooperation

Finding a solution to the problem required collaboration. The manufacturer sampled the prototypes, our partner tested them, and McGuire monitored the test and helped determine ROI.


Design Expertise

We understand the products that keep you moving. We also understand the diversity of those products, pulling ideas from across applications. This enables us to design reliable and robust applications that increase your productivity.


It took a whooping this Tuesday on night shift. They used it to beat a log through the debarker!

Their maintenance manager, in response to being asked how the belt was performing after a full year in service.

The results?

In the new belt, this wood producer has a product that lasts longer and allows them more flexibility for scheduled maintenance. They see the belt as a problem solver and are currently looking for new areas in which to install it. Curious if we can achieve similar results for you?

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