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Fleet Safety Policy

As an authorized driver, you are required to do the following:

  • Do not take chances. To arrive safely is more important than to arrive on time.
  • Be mentally and physically rested and alert prior to each trip.
  • No drinking alcoholic beverages while driving, or driving while under the influence of alcohol or restricted drugs.
  • Have a valid driver's license for the type of vehicle to be operated, and keep the license(s) with you at all times while driving.
  • Obey traffic laws.
  • Never go faster than a rate consistent with existing speed laws, or road, traffic, and weather conditions. Posted speed limits must be obeyed,
  • Never attempt to exercise the right-of-way. Always let the other driver go first.
  • Keep to the right except when overtaking slow moving vehicles or when getting into a position to make a left turn.
  • Never follow another vehicle so closely that you will not be able to make a safe stop under any conditions.
  • While going into traffic and before every turn or lane change, use turn signals to show where you are heading.
  • Slow down and watch for children in school zones.
  • Only allow authorized people to drive vehicles.
  • Do not give rides to hitchhikers or strangers.
  • Seat belts should be worn by drivers and passengers.
  • Only operate your cell phone in "speaker" mode or utilize a hands-free device.
  • Do not send text messages while driving.
  • As required by the law and the company rules, report all accidents immediately.
  • Report all arrests and traffic convictions to the company. Repeated traffic
  • convictions or failure to report traffic accidents or convictions may result in disciplinary action.

Driver Acknowledgment

When in possession/driving a vehicle provided by the company or any vehicle on company business, acknowledge and agree that:

  1. I will abide by the outlined operating rules/procedures
  2. I will notify the company (my manager) if I am charged with a DUI/DWI and/or my driving privileges have been revoked, suspended, or withdrawn, within one business day following receipt of the notice.
  3. I will not operate a company vehicle: 
    1. If my ability or alertness is impaired through illness or fatigue; or
    2. When impaired or intoxicated by alcohol and/or drugs; or
    3. If my driving privileges have been revoked, suspended, or withdrawn.
  4. I understand that my Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) will be reviewed: 
    1. Once a year; or
    2. At any time at the discretion of the company.
  5. I will follow all motor vehicle laws for each state in which I operate a company vehicle.
  6. Wireless telephones - I realize communication is important; however, conflict exists between safety and the utilization of a wireless phone in a vehicle (calling or texting). Therefore, I will refrain from any texting while driving and I will only operate my cell phone using a hands-free device or in "speaker" mode.
  7. Seat belts - As the driver, I must wear my seat belt at all times. The driver must also assure all passengers are wearing their seat belts.
  8. I will lock the vehicle, and not leave the keys inside the vehicle.
  9. I understand that if I am involved in an accident: 
    1. Take care of any injured persons. Don't try more than basic first aid (unless qualified), and move the injured as little as possible.
    2. Call for medical aid (if required),
    3. Call the police.
    4. Get names and addresses of all parties and witnesses.
    5. Report the accident to Conrad Goodwin as soon as possible.
  10. I understand the company has the right to implement appropriate disciplinary/corrective actions and/or revoke the use of my company vehicle at any time. Examples of reasons for the above actions include, but are not limited to the following: 
    1. I have had my driver's license revoked, suspended or withdrawn for any reason.
    2. I have been charged for operating any vehicle while impaired or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or controlled substances.
    3.  I have been charged for leaving the scene of an accident. I have had two or more at fault accidents, or three or more moving violations, or one at fault accident and two moving violations in a three-year period.
    4. There is evidence of gross negligence, recklessness, or incompetence in operating a vehicle.
    5. Making a false report.
    6. Allowing use of the company vehicle by an unauthorized driver.
  11. I understand that if I allow an unauthorized individual to use the company vehicle and it is involved in an accident, I am responsible for all damages to the company vehicle and to any other vehicles, property, and/or individuals involved.
  12. I understand that I am responsible for paying for any speeding tickets I receive and any other moving violations.

I have read and understand my obligations listed above concerning the possession and use of a company vehicle. Further, I understand that failure to abide by this agreement shall result in suspension/revocation of my company vehicle privileges and/or disciplinary action.

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