How can I get longer bearing life out of my V-belt drive?

  • PROPER TENSION is often overlooked. All belts need to be tensioned when first installed, but they stretch dramatically during the first 24 hours of operation and lose their tension. This can cause them to squeal and can rapidly lead to sheave wear. Proper maintenance includes tensioning the belts at regular intervals throughout their life. New belts are available for high-power and HVAC applications that are more stretch-resistant; contact our sales personnel for more information.
  • WORN SHEAVES can be a source of rapid belt wear. When tension forces a V belt to conform to a worn sheave wall, the belt runs hotter and its life will be shorter.
  • MISALIGNMENT will lead to uneven wear. The belt should enter and leave the sheave groove in a straight line, or else the sides of the belt will wear out very quickly as they scrape against the sheave edges. Eventually, this can cause the belt to flip over in the groove, which will destroy it. Usually, sheaves can be aligned by using a straight-edge against the outer faces; for long-center drives, there are laser-alignment tools available.