Industry-leading solutions that deliver margin growth and performance gains.


Engineering Services

Our experienced engineering team partners with you to solve the common problems you face. With a wide range of options to meet your needs - from root cause inspection to metallurgical analysis and more - our engineering services department is the secret weapon that gives YOU a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Technical Services

With predictive technologies that provide insight into a bearing’s operation, as well as services that perfect the center-of-rotation for power transmission components, our Technical Services department will both increase the life of your applications and save you money.


Shop Services

Offering custom products backed by decades of expertise, our Belt Shop and Machine Shop services are certain to get you the products you need in a manner that suits your schedule. Located throughout several of our branches, our Belt Shops and Machine Shops have been creating solutions for a diverse set of customers for years.

Secure Stock Initiative Program

Discover McGuire’s Secure Stock Initiative — your ultimate inventory solution! Lock in stable prices, ensure reliable supply, and experience exceptional customer service. Join 200+ satisfied companies and transform your inventory challenges into opportunities today!

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