Our History

McGuire was founded by Don McGuire in 1954…

McGuire was founded by Don McGuire in 1954 on the principle of using innovative solutions to save his customers time and money. In his mind, The customer was king. Don searched for high-quality, value oriented products to solve customer problems and stocking strategies based on customer needs. His innovative approach empowered our customers to build strong relationships with customers of their own.

He retired as president in 1977 and passed away in 1995. Don wanted McGuire to remain a family business for generations. Our family continues Don’s passion for customer service.


We keep his philosophy in mind, always making things easier for our customers.

We staff a high-quality, innovative team that knows the industry. McGuire offers free delivery to the local metropolitan area, product information accessible online, and various customization/modification options – like machine and belt shops – to meet the needs of any customer.

After over 65 years of service, we are the largest regional distributor of bearings and power transmission in the Pacific Northwest. We now have 9 branches across the region, yet nothing has changed in the way we do business. Customers are still king.

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Our Timeline

  • Mid-1950's
    McGuire building in NW Portland
    The first location of McGuire Bearing Company in NW Portland
  • 1954
    Don McGuire opened
    McGuire Bearing Co. in
  • 1961
    Seattle branch
  • 1967
    Introduced full line of
    power transmission
  • Early 1970's
    Our founder, Don McGuire
  • 1974
    Moved headquarters
    from NW Portland to SE
  • 1975
    Opened Tacoma
  • Late 1970's
    Mike McGuire
    A happy Mike McGuire, standing amidst product inventory.
  • 1977
    Don retires as President –
    Hiliary Turner Becomes
  • 1979
    Opened Spokane
  • Late 1970's
    Don & Mike visit Japan
    Mike McGuire and founder Don McGuire (3rd from Left), on a trip to Japan.
  • Early 1980's
    McGuire building in SE Portland
    The original iteration of our Portland branch, many facelifts ago.
  • 1983
    Opened Eugene
  • 1983
    McGuire sales team circa 1983
    The Eugene sales office, shortly after the branch was opened.
  • Mid-1980's
    Jim Conley & Tim McGuire
    Tim McGuire (right) with CFO Jim Conley.
  • 1984
    Hiliary retires as President – 2nd generation assumes management of company:

    Tim McGuire, President
    Mike McGuire, VP Operations
    Steve McGuire, VP Marketing
    Dave McGuire, VP Sales
  • 1984
    Don McGuire and Sons
    At then-President Hiliary Turner’s retirement.
  • 1989
    Opened Boise
  • 1992
    Opened Salem
  • 1992
    McGuires & Employees
    Star employees and the 2nd Gen brothers
  • 1997
    Opened Salt Lake City
  • 1997
    Generations 1 & 2
  • 1998
    Opened Idaho Falls
  • 2000
    Established a sales
    representative in
    Northern California
  • 2000
    Some of Generation 3
    Working an annual fish-fry
  • 2004
    Eugene branch moved to a
    10,000 sq. ft. building
  • 2006
    Boise branch
    expanded to a 23,200
    sq. ft. building
  • 2007
    Spokane branch moved to
    a 17,400 sq. ft. building
  • 2008
    Added a 10,000 sq.
    ft. warehouse on the
    Boise branch
  • 2012
    Steve McGuire becomes
  • 2012
    Added a 10,000 sq.
    ft. warehouse to
    Eugene branch
  • 2014
    Added a separate 9600
    sq. ft. warehouse to Idaho
    Falls branch
  • 2014
    Added 4800 sq. ft. of
    warehouse to Boise
  • 2017
    Jim Conley retires,
    Chris Clark takes over
    as CFO
  • 2018
    Dave McGuire retires
    as VP of sales
  • 2018
    Steve McGuire retires
    as President
  • 2019
    Andy McGuire, President & CEO
    Andy McGuire becomes President
  • 2019
    Chuck Webster retires,
    Blake Bonner becomes Director
    of Corporate Sales
  • 2020
    Steven Kessinger becomes Director of Operations
  • 2024
    McGuire Distribution Center
    in Portland, OR

    Opened Corporate Distribution Center

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