Hardness & Surface Finish Testing

You want to outperform, and outlast, your competition.

We can show you how. With Hardness and Surface Finish Testing we can determine how your part will handle everyday stress. Build durable parts that stand the test of time with our help.


We test critical surfaces.

We can determine if the finishes on things like bushings, bearings and any other mating surfaces will hold up under the pressure and speed of your application or fail prematurely. Understanding the relationship between your mating parts will help you build a stronger, longer-lasting, product.


We test the hardness of your material.

Whether heat-treated or not, the hardness of a particular product or component is critical to its performance. If it’s too hard for the application it can crack, break or damage the parts it interacts with. If it’s too soft it can mar or wear down faster. Prevent either of these outcomes by knowing beforehand exactly what’s right for your application.


Our hardness tester is portable and won’t leave a mark.

It’s common for an application to rely on a specific item’s performance, as in a sprocket and its teeth, or a roller bearing and its race. Normal hardness testers are cumbersome and limited. With the flexibility of our portable equipment, we can test hard to reach areas on parts with complicated geometry without leaving a trace. This is especially important when testing on a critical part surface. Keep more of your product in pristine condition using this non-destructive testing method.

Sound like exactly what you need?

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