Product Go/NoGo Services

Let our obsession with quality work for you.

Do you have a product or process with a high rejection rate? Do you have assemblies with intermittent fitment issues where certain components fit together properly while other pairs don’t? We can help sidestep potential problems by determining whether a specific part, or assembly of parts, will work within your application before getting it on your assembly floor.


See into the future and stop a problem before it ever starts.

We’ll do the testing for you in our extensive test lab, rooting out problems before they happen. Our findings will provide you with the answer, whether it’s quickly pairing, matching or sorting the parts or determining which manufacturing step needs to be adjusted, allowing you to take the next steps in your project with confidence.


Engineering expertise you can trust.

We combine the tools at our disposal with our engineering expertise to examine and analyze parts and products. Based on its specifications, we are able to determine whether a part or product is viable for general use, or whether it is appropriate for a certain application.


Save time and money with answers before implementation.

Avoid costly and time-consuming failures and rework. Our expert’s innovative approach often includes pairing products so they don’t have to be scrapped. Imagine the increased quality of your end products. And the confidence you’ll feel, knowing you received validation of your solution in advance.

Sound like exactly what you need?

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