Fitment & Installation Determination

The data you need for component reliability you can bank on.

Extend the life of your products, have confidence in the performance of new products, reduce uncertainty and save your engineers’ time dealing with future warranty claims. Rest easy knowing your application is put together right.


Get it right the first time.

You know it’s essential that every component fits together just right. Fit affects how well a product performs or if it performs at all. It has a profound effect on a product’s lifespan. Our knowledge of standards and industry experience equips us to fit your specific application within the right variance the first time.


Expert guidance to save you money and hassle.

Count on us for advice during the setup of your installation process, especially with highly critical products. You want to get it right the first time. We’ll guide you through the design, first assembly of an application or help review when you’re faced with continual failures from a component. When dealing with failing products, even minor adjustments in the fit or installation process can have major impacts on the product’s lifespan.


Fit is about precision combined with knowledge.

Even fractions of a millimeter can make all the difference. Improved fit leads to increased reliability, a decrease in costly failures, and more satisfied customers.

Sound like exactly what you need?

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