Metallurgical Analysis

Not all metals are created equal.

At McGuire we know your success starts with knowing the exact metal or grade your product is made of. Start your project with confidence in your raw materials.


We use non-destructive material analysis.

Our X-Ray Fluorescence gun will identify the elemental composition and chemistry of material, or the material make-up of a certain component. We can determine if the raw material you are using will suit your needs and lead to your success.


We can determine carbon content in your materials.

Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) we can accurately measure the carbon content in a material. Coupled with knowing the other alloying elements this technique results in a positive material identification you can be confident in.


We use a digital microscope.

A normal microscope is able to focus on one layer at a time, while our digital microscope takes multiple images at various layers and splices them together for a very clear, in-depth understanding of your product. Viewing at this microscopic level gives us an even better understanding of your part by showcasing the effects of machining on it, giving you even more confidence in your project.

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