International Standards Comparison

Don’t let a difference in terminology get in the way of success.

This is our world. We know the industry standards for all types of fits and finishes and can prevent design flaws early.


The world of metals and materials has its own language.

You speak it fluently. But just like there are variations in terms used by people in different regions of the United States, you’ll also find differences within the language of metals and materials.


Avoid miscommunication.

Many countries have varying standards and nomenclature when it comes to metals and other materials. Let us bring our knowledge to your project. Our International Standards Comparison Service provides the knowledge and resources necessary to prevent issues with products that won’t work or are overspecified for your application.


We keep track so you don’t have to.

Our engineers know the industry-standard critical design features that will allow a part to properly function. Knowing all the fits and finishes and where they’re needed and the nuances of each metal takes time and resources. Our experts save you both so you can stick to the work you do best.

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