Converting challenge into opportunity.

Harvesting Hops

We didn’t just solve a problem. We provided a higher level of quality. This OEM operates in the agriculture industry, specializing in harvesting and processing equipment for hops, hemp, and hazelnuts. The owner reached out to us to source components for a hook they fabricate as part of a conveyor system developed for the hop…

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Design innovation to keep pace with industry advancements.

Technological advancements led to increases in bearing failures. The sports equipment industry has become increasingly competitive, requiring technological advances to produce faster and more robust functionality. Our partner, a manufacturer in this industry, tested out a new design that resulted in bearings failing much sooner than in the previous design, sometimes within the first few…

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Our collaborative solution leads to greatly increased part life, decreased system downtime, and significant savings over five years.

Inadequate lifespan of conveyor belts led to unplanned downtime, lost production and money. This partner of McGuire produces wood – and a lot of it. Dealing with a conveyor belt with a limited and unpredictable lifespan was frustrating. It was not uncommon to have multiple belts require replacement, causing unplanned downtime. And unplanned downtime meant…

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